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Shipping Costs

 Richards' Motorcars can arrange the shipping of your new vehicle to any one of the 50 states as well as Canada.  We are a registered exporter with the Department of Transportation.

Customers must decide if they want their vehicle to be shipped in an open or enclosed car carrier. Closed carriers limit the possibilty of damage to the vehicle due to road hazards. Open carriers are less expensive and this is the preferred shipping method of most customers.

Here are estimated shipping charges to all 50 States and their respective capital cities. Please contact Internet Sales for an exact quote to your zip code from our Malden, Massachusetts facility.

Montgomery, Alabama         $950
Juneau, Alaska                      $2700
Phoenix, Arizona                    $1250
Little Rock, Arkansas            $1050
Sacramento, California        $1350
Denver, Colorado                  $1100
Hartford, Connecticut            $200
Dover, Delaware                    $400
Tallahassee, Florida             $975
Atlanta, Georgia                      $700
Honolulu, Hawaii                    $4050
Boise, Idaho                            $1350
Springfield, Illinois                  $900
Indianapolis, Indiana             $800
DesMoines, Iowa                     $1050
Topeka, Kansas                      $1100
Frankfort, Kentucky                  $700
Baton Rouge, Louisiana        $1050
Augusta, Maine                         $300
Annapolis, Maryland                $400
Lansing, Michigan                   $800
Saint Paul, Minnesota             $1100
Jackson, Mississippi              $1000
Jefferson City,Missouri           $1050
Helena, Montana                     $1500
Lincoln, Nebraska                   $1100
Carson City, Nevada               $1350
Concord, New Hampshire     $200
Trenton, New Jersey               $275
Santa Fe, New Mexico            $1215
Albany, New York                     $400
Raleigh, North Carolina         $600
Bismark, North Dakota           $1350
Columbus, Ohio                      $675
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma    $1100
Salem, Oregon                        $1350
Harrisburg, Penn.                   $400
Providence, R.I.                       $200
Columbia, S.C.                        $650
Pierre, South Dakota              $1250
Nashville, Tennesse              $650
Austin, Texas                           $1100
Salt Lake City, Utah                $1485
Montpelier, Vermont               $400
Richmond, Virginia                $550
Olympia, Washington            $1350
Charleston, W.V.                     $750
Madison, Wisconsin              $950
Cheyenne, Wyoming             $1200

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